19 august 2013

[4C Note (August 25): Underreported in the western press, a warming-related extreme weather pattern has brought floods to China, the Philippines and other parts of Asia in the last week. The casualty figure cited by the New York Times in the article below had risen to 105 the following day, with 115 missing, according to the Financial Times of London, which cited official Chinese sources. A few days later, Manila was under water (see our posting of August 23).]

Dozens Dead After Heavy Rains in China

By EDWARD WONG, The New York Times August 19, 2013

BEIJING — At least 83 people have been killed in recent days in floods and landslides in three different parts of China, according to reports on Monday by Xinhua, the state news agency.

With mass evacuations taking place, millions of other people across China have been affected by heavy rains and flooding.

The greatest death toll was in Liaoning Province, in northeast China; at least 54 people had died by Monday morning and 97 were missing from the worst flooding in decades in the area around Fushun City, Xinhua reported.

The flooding was the result of extreme rainstorms that hit the province starting Thursday and lasted until Saturday. The area is a major source of grain production in China.

In Guangdong Province, in the south, at least 20 people had been killed by floods and landslides and 7 were missing after rains lashed the province over the weekend.

In Hunan Province, north of Guangdong, at least 9 people were dead, 54 were injured and 1 was missing after heavy rains caused landslides in Lanshan County over the weekend.

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