24 april 2009

'Now is the time to act,' Gore tells lawmakers

Darren Samuelsohn, E&E senior reporter, E&E News, April 24, 2009

Former Vice President Al Gore urged a House panel today to pass a bill that makes sweeping changes to the nation's energy and climate policies, likening the measure before the Energy and Commerce Committee to civil rights legislation of the 1960s and the Marshall Plan of the 1940s.

"This bill will simultaneously address the climate crisis, the economic crisis and the national security threats that stem from our dependence on foreign oil," Gore told lawmakers. "We can't afford to wait any longer for this transition."

Gore...listed scientific warnings and problems that some have linked to climate change: rising seas in southern Florida and Louisiana, ocean acidification, record floods in Iowa and North Dakota, and stubborn droughts in the Southwest and Southeast.

"For these, and many, many other reasons, now is the time to act," Gore said.

Testimony from the Democrats' 2000 presidential nominee and co-winner of the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize for his work on climate change comes at the conclusion of four days of hearings on the climate bill ahead of a subcommittee markup on the measure expected next week.

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