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Aalbers, Jasper (Ph.D. Candidate) - Netherlands

Aarts, Jan (historicus) - Netherlands
"Als historicus ken ik maar al te goed het beklemmend gevoel van de herinnering aan al die mensen die in het verleden zonder besef aan de rand van de afgrond stonden. Als amateur entomoloog ben ik gevo[...]"

Aarts, Paul (docent Internationale Betrekkingen UvA) - Netherlands

Aarts, Sabine (historica) - Netherlands

Abbess, Jo (college of global change) - United Kingdom
"ER + RE : energy reduction plus renewable energy. this is the solution."

Abdulghani, Adel (TREC member) - Yemen
"I suggest the establishment of international Carbon Fund as Agency under the UN. An international agreement has to be signed in which cost has to be agreed for each ton of carbon oxide emmissions. Thi[...]"

ACKERMAN, Frank - United States

Ackerman, Peter (Consultant) - United States

Agen, R. van (retired) - Netherlands

Akker, Donald van den (consultant and father) - Netherlands

Al, Monique (Coordinator vrijwilligersorganisatie) - Netherlands

Albon, Norman (research scientist, retired) - United Kingdom
"experience in chemical,physical, biological and earth sciences "

Altena, Bert (assistent professor of history, faculty of historical and art sciences, Erasmus University Rotterdam) - Netherlands

Altevogt, Hans (campaigner Greenpeace) - Netherlands

Amador, Mario (Engineer) - Mexico
"It is imperative that all public trucks and buses use biodiesel. It is also necessary that the US signs the Kioto Protocol.There is a tremendous potential for Latinamerican countries to produce biofue[...]"

Amelang, James (Professor) - Spain

Amelung, Bas (Environmental economist) - Netherlands

Amevor, Daniel (Nurse) - United Kingdom

Amsberg, Kiki (documentairemaker) - Netherlands
"Er wordt nooit gesproken over de voortdurende toename van de wereldbevolking. Zit daar niet één van de grootste problemen. Of durft niemand dat aan te kaarten en is het ontmogelijk hier iets aan te [...]"

Anderson, Judith - United Kingdom

Annink, Dory - Netherlands

Apellaniz Campo, Alejandro - Mexico
"que podemos comentar de este atroz crimen. Es increible."

Apellániz, Dulce María (finance risk administrator) - Mexico

Apellániz, Lourdes - Mexico
" We all have to take charge and act in this matter now."

Applegate, Celia (Professor of History) - United States

Armenta, Amira - Netherlands

Aron, Robert (Consultant/Consumer Advocate) - United States

Arts, Karin (Associate Professor in International Law and Development, Institute of Social Studies, The Hague) - Netherlands

ashenden, samantha (academic) - United Kingdom

Asher, Burton (promoting awareness of nature) - United Kingdom

Asher, Kiran (Associate Professor of International Development and Social Change) - United States

Asher, Michael (Author & deep ecologist) - Kenya
"Stop economic growth now."

Asselt, Harro van (Researcher, Institute for Environmental Studies, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam) - Netherlands

asselt, hendrik th van (senior consultant) - Netherlands
"I would like to see this petition being offered to our prime minister, Jan Pieter Balkenende "

asselt, henry van (senior consultant climate change) - Netherlands
The initiative is most warmly approved by me. Much of my time is spent in Portugal. I did not notice much interest in the issue there. Do you know by chance anyone whom I could contact in portuga[...]"

Ateljevic, Irena (Assistant Professor) - Netherlands
"I fully support this action to show how scientists are leading the 'new renaissance' in these dark ages of consumerism and corporatisation of the world."

Athanasiou, Tom (Director, EcoEquity) - United States


Attia, Joyce - United Kingdom

Avramov, Ivaylo (researcher) - Bulgaria
"What we see is that in general everyone agrees that abrupt Global Warming is dangerous for humanity and that we must take measures, however when things become personal, the readiness/the decisiveness [...]"

Azmanova, Albena (academic staff member, University of Kent at Brussels) - Belgium