List of signatures

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Baal-Arkes, Marian van (Belastingconsulent) - Netherlands

Baggerman, Arianne (Professor of the History of the Book, University of Amsterdam and Erasmus University) - Netherlands

Baile, Walter (Citizen) - United States
"We need to lobby harder and harder and harder to stop this tragedy! Tell me what I can do to help"

Bak-Geller Corona, Sarah (PHD History Student) - Mexico

Bakker, wietse (Graphic Designer) - Netherlands

bakker-van westerhoven, ankie (Secr.penningm. Stichting Vrouwenkontakt Nederland) - Netherlands

Ballintijn, Koos (geen) - Netherlands
"Invest 1% of Global GDP in Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) - start right now!"

Barendse, Gerard W.J. (Managing Director) - Netherlands

Baretta, Meike (Greenpeace Campaigner Climate&Energy) - Netherlands
"All the solutions are available: smart energy use from renewable sources!"

Barker, Terry (Director, 4CMR) - United Kingdom

Barkin, David (Professor of Economics) - Mexico
"The urgency cannot be stressed enough. Developments here in Mexico are particularly disheartening as political forces and foreign investment from Europe are systematically increasing Co2 emissions. NO[...]"


Barnhart, Sukey - Netherlands

Baron, Susan - United States

Barrett, Daniel (Climate Change Solution Contributor) - United Kingdom

Barry, John (Co-Chair, Green Party in Northern Ireland) - United Kingdom

Bartels, Wim (oud internationaal secretaris IKV) - Netherlands
"milieubeleid is ook vredesbeleid"

BASAEN, INES (CEO) - Philippines

Basten, Rob van (Ondernemer) - Netherlands Antilles
"In Curacao stoten wij 5 maal zoveel C02/PP uit als in de verenigde staten. Dit moet direct stoppen, help Curacao hierbij."

Bastian, Mark - United Kingdom

Bastos Lima, Mairon Giovani (PhD Researcher) - Brazil

Bax, Christine (schrijver) - Netherlands

Bayer, Erico Ernesto (Jubilado) - Argentina

bayram, yildirim (student) - Turkey

Bähre, Erik (Assistant Professor, Leiden University) - Netherlands

Büscher, Bram (Lecturer Institute of Social Studies) - Netherlands

Bebbington, Anthony (Professor of Nature, Society and Development) - United Kingdom

Becker, Sharon (Projectleider) - Netherlands
"Liever drastische maatregelen dan slappe consessies! "

Becton, Clarence (Musiciam) - Netherlands

Bedarrides, Trille (lerares frans) - Netherlands

Begg, Katherine (senior research fellow) - United Kingdom

Behal, Heeya (Student) - India

Bellamy, Mark (actor) - Netherlands
"so much has to change and quickly"

Bello, Walden (Executive Director, Focus on the Global South) - Philippines

beltran, juan manuel (psiclogist) - Spain

Benchimol, Alex (University Lecturer) - United Kingdom

Bennett, Bruce (University Lecturer) - United Kingdom

BENSA, Julien - Netherlands

Berg, Floris van den (Assistent Professor Environmental Philosophy) - Netherlands
"It's time for action! Don't forget to reduce your own ecological footprint. One easy way: stop eating meat."

Berge, Niels van den (milieumedewerker van GroenLinks in het Europees Parlement) - Netherlands
"Het is de hoogste tijd om alle mooie woorden om te zetten in daden."

Berkhout, Maartje - Netherlands

berlage, ulrike (child- and adolescent psychiatrist) - Netherlands

Bero, Helen - United States

beus, leontine de (freelancer) - Netherlands

Bidwai, Praful (Columnist and environmental activist) - India

Biedenkopf, Katja - Belgium

Bienfait, Hans (secretariaatvoerder stichting GEZEN (stichting ter bevordering van Grootschalige Exploitatie van ZonneENergie, zie )) - Netherlands

Bienfait, Hans (secretariaatvoerder stichting GEZEN) - Netherlands

Bierling, Jeannet (ICT educational consultant) - Netherlands

Biermann, Frank (Professor of Political Science) - Netherlands

Miriam vander Bij (arbeidshygienist) - Netherlands

Bijnen, Loes (gepensioneerd ambtenaar Buitenlandse Zaken) - Netherlands
"Mijn betrokkenheid ligt vooral bij de mensenrechten in Iran, maar ik voel mij uiteraard ook betrokken bij de klimaatverandering en haar gevolgen"

Biju, M.P. (Mudra Institute of Communications, Ahmedabad (MICA)) - India
"We have to do more campaigns to fight with the Global Warming. All countries should make more funds for this purpose, especially developed counrties. Also they should reduce use of arms, chemicals, [...]"

Birkenhäger, Dorie (retired university medical staff) - Netherlands
"Gelukkig zeggen anderen wat de regering niet durft te zeggen: het is nauwelijks één minuut voor twaalf!"

Birnbaum, Raoul (professor, University of California) - United States

Bissels, Simone (Fondsenwerver) - Netherlands

Black Elk, Rick - United States
"People, please listen. This is real and we must face it. Lets work toward an accord to remedy the problem."

Blanken, Kees den (Director Cogen Nederland) - Netherlands
"Let's make an efficient transition to the good sun"

Blau, Judith (President, Sociologists without Borders, US) - United States

Blazer, Emmy (former dental instituut-Universiteit Utrecht) - Netherlands
"Vervuilers zijn wij ZELF."

Blok, Kornelis (professor Utrecht University) - Netherlands

Bodhi, Bhikkhu (Buddhist monk, chairman, Buddhist Global Relief) - United States
"We are drawing ever closer to our last opportunity to take effective action to protect human civilization and the countless life-forms with which humanity's existence is intertwined. If we don't act n[...]"

Boehling, Rebecca (Associate Professor of History, University of Maryland, Baltimore County) - United States

Boekel, Maartje van (Greenpeace Nederland) - Netherlands

Boenink, Annette (Psychiater) - Netherlands

Boer, Fred de (University Lecturer) - Netherlands

Boer, Fred de (Lecturer, Wageningen University) - Netherlands

Boer, Gina de (private banker) - Netherlands

Boer, Heidi de (Beleidsmedewerker Milieu) - Netherlands

Boer, Margreeth de (oud minister van VROM) - Netherlands

Boersema, Jan (Professor of Environmental Sciences, Free University of Amsterdam) - Netherlands

Boeve, May - United States

Boissevain, Jeremy (Emeritus professor ofsocial anthropology ~university of Amsterdam,,) - Netherlands
" I fully support the petition."

Bomans, Arnold (computerist) - Netherlands
"Citizens WILL elect a government that constrains them."

Bootland, Randy (Adjunct Professor) - Netherlands

Borkham MD, Dr. rer.nat, Dr. med. etc., Erawan (Researcher) - Germany
"Science, with its central function in exposing and stopping environmental and social abuse, should accept its moral duties and rid itself of ongoing scientific piracy. "

borkow, mijael - Mexico

BORON, ATILIO (Director of PLED, the Latin American Program of Distance Education in the Social Sciences) - Argentina
"I fully agree with your petition. I will circulate the news among my friends to sign."

Boswijk, Ivo Eelco (Koordirigent/componist) - Netherlands

Bouboulis, Thomas - Greece

bouman, henny ((retired) engineer) - Netherlands
"het boek "our common wealth" van jeffrey d. sachs plaatst deze problematiek in een duidelijk perspectief"

Bourgeois, Eric - United States

Bouwhuis, Egbert (director) - Netherlands
"To reconnect nature with elektricity - nature's most fascinating form of energy - to users and use would not only strengthen the bond with nature but the sustainable economy as well."

Braat, Irma (directieassistente) - Netherlands

Bracking, Sarah (University Lecturer, Environment and Development) - United Kingdom
"This crisis is already with us, as the deaths of vulnerable people across African and Southeast Asia demonstrates. Their livelihoods are being made unsustainable by changes to air, water and land reso[...]"

Braeckman, Toon (Professor of Political Philosophy (KULeuven)) - Belgium

Braeye, Sarah (Phd Researcher) - Belgium

Brand, Arie van den (former member of the Dutch Parliament for Groenlinks) - Netherlands

Brand, Christian (Senior Researcher, University of Oxford) - United Kingdom

Brenner, Neil (Professor of Sociology and Metropolitan Studies, New York University) - United States

Brettschneider, Alwin (student) - Netherlands

Breur, Richard (Informatiekundige) - Netherlands
"Tempo met CSP"

Broadbent, Nathan (Individual) - New Zealand
"I hope we can reverse the effects of global warming before it's too late."

Brodkin, Karen (Professor) - United States

Broek, Kees van den (peace & development work) - Netherlands
"short term policies, aimed at economic development, will have to give place to long term policies for sustainable development: we will have to share in order to prevent major instability in this world[...]"

broekhuijsen, marije (klimaatmedewerker) - Netherlands

Bronzwaer, Lisanne (medewerker educatie) - Netherlands

Brook, Alissa (Academic staff) - Netherlands

Brooks, David (Senior Advisor - Fresh Water, Friends of the Earth Canada) - Canada

Brubaker, Rogers (Professor of Sociology, UCLA) - United States

Bruckner, Martin - Austria

Brugera Soler, Elena - Spain

Brunain, Pierre (Project administrator Afrika) - Belgium

Buijs, M. (boekverkoper) - Netherlands

Buikema, Arjen (systeemontwerper) - Netherlands
"Met name zonnestroom opgewekt met CSP kan een forse bijdrage leveren"

Buitenweg, Kathalijne (Europarlementariër voor GroenLinks) - Netherlands

Bunders, Koen (Consultant) - Netherlands
"Invest 1% of Global GDP in Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) - start right now!"

Burdett, Carolyn (University lecturer) - United Kingdom

Buren, Twan van (psychotherapeute, schrijfster) - Netherlands
"Een geweldig initiatief, dat wereldwijd navolging verdient!"

Burgos, Francisca - Spain

Burr, Daniela (Graphic Designer) - Mexico
"Please sign! We can do this! It's our Earth!"

butters, alan (retired) - United Kingdom

Buxton, Nick - United Kingdom