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Waarden, Robert van (Photographer) - Netherlands

Wachters, Laurens (onderzoeker) - Netherlands
"Invest 1% of Global GDP in Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) - start right now!"

Wainwright, Hilary (Editor, Red Pepper) - United Kingdom

Wald, James (Professor of history, Hampshire College) - United States

waldo, Dewanand (hindu writer and researcher) - Netherlands
"We Hindus believe in reincarnation and because of this every Hindu must fight for a clean environment and invest money in it during this single lifecycle.Please my one billion HIndu fellows, support t[...]"

Waldstein, Anna (Lecturer in Medical Anthropology) - United Kingdom

Walker, Warren (Professor of Policy Analysis, Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management, Delft University of Technology)
"I hope this petition will make a difference."

Walker-Leigh, Vanya (environmental journalist) - Malta

Walkowitz, Daniel - United States

Walraven, Sander (Account Manager) - Netherlands

Walsh, Ollie (Marketing Consultant) - Ireland
"The time to make change is now.If we keep listening to corporate groups we will not survive. This is much bigger than economics."

Walter, John (Professor, Essex University) - United Kingdom

Ward, Bess (Professor) - United States

Warren, Rachel (Academic) - United Kingdom

wassenaar, fop (arts) - Netherlands

waterman, peter (Global Labour Charter Project) - United Kingdom

Mieke vander Weij (journalist) - Netherlands

Weiss, Martin (Researcher) - Netherlands

Weissman, Steve (writer) - France

Meindert vander Werf (Financial controllor) - Netherlands

Peter vander Werff (Consultant Institute of Environmental Studies) - Netherlands

Wertheim, Anne-Ruth (publicist) - Netherlands

Wessel, Marleen (juridisch onderzoekster) - Netherlands
"Much needed contribution to the ongoing discussion"

Wessel, Rilana - Netherlands

Westenbrugge, Wouter van (Student ERM, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam) - Netherlands

Wexler, Eric (concerned citizen and father) - United States

White, Cynthia - United States

Widick, Richard (Lecturer, Sociology, University of California, Santa Barbara) - United States
"Now is the time!"

Wiercx, Joke (onderzoeker politieke wetenschappen) - Belgium

Wiering, Mark (Assistent Professor) - Netherlands

wiertz, gerda (secretarieel) - Netherlands

Wijmen, Peter van (Law Professor, Tilburg University) - Netherlands

wilde, shanna de (fondsenwerver) - Netherlands

Wildenthal, Lora (professor) - United States

Wilkens, Lisan (beleidsonderzoeker) - Netherlands

Willems, Els (fractievoorzitter Amsterdam Anders/De Groenen Oud-Zuid) - Netherlands

Williams, James (Professor of Environmental Sociology) - United States
"Based on the evidence I have seen, global climate change appears to be the most serious problem ever faced by humankind. Thank you for circulating this petition. I very much hope it will contribute [...]"

Williams, Jessica - Ireland

Wilson, Adrian - United States

Wilson, W. Daniel (Professor of German) - United Kingdom

paul vander Wilt (anglist) - Netherlands

Winickoff, David (Assistant Professor, U.C. Berkeley) - United States

Winnubst, Madelinde (researcher) - Netherlands

Wit, Pieter A.J. de (supporter zonthermische energie) - Netherlands
"Vergeet halfslachtige maatregels als kernenergie, CO2 in de grond en olie uit kolen, die pas over minimaal tien jaar effect krijgen en gebruik dit investeringsgeld om snel zonthermische centrales in w[...]"

Witte-Rang, Greetje - Netherlands

Wix, Ruben (Repro Medewerker) - Netherlands

Wolferen, Karel van (University Professor and Royal Dutch Academy of Sciences (KNAW)) - Netherlands

Wolff, Gerry (Coordinator of TREC-UK) - United Kingdom
"Yes, this problem needs to be treated with the same urgency as war!"

Wongwian, Aticha - Thailand

Wood-Lecoy, Hilary (Teacher) - France
"Too many vested interests with short-term goals - political, economic, industrial - have ensured that the changes that need to take place have either not been fully adopted or relegated in importance.[...]"

Woods, Emira (Director, Foreign Policy In Focus) - United States

Woodward, Rachel - United Kingdom

Wright, Helena (Cambridge Graduate) - United Kingdom

Wun'Gaeo, Surichai - Thailand

wunderink, ron (ict medewerker) - Netherlands