8 june 2008

[From 4C Climate Change, Amsterdam:] The U.S Senate bill (Lieberman-Warner) to curb CO2 emissions succumbed to a filibuster this past week but, considering its content, was probably not worth saving. It was too little, too late and, through its total reliance on emissions trading, a boon for the corporate world and government bureaucracy rather than for the planet.

In Peter Montague's latest newsletter [Rachel's Democracy & Health News, Jun. 5, 2008], the well-known environmentalist reveals that even mainstream critics have questioned the bill's efficacy. Montague concludes:

"'Cap and trade' sets up a system that offers endless opportunities to game the system and make even more money by burning fossil fuels, while claiming to be curbing global warming fast enough to avert climate chaos. By the time the system has matured and we learn that it did not work, the billionaires created by the system will be living comfortably in the globally-warmed mountains of Switzerland while the rest of us are learning to deal with more and bigger Katrinas, creeping inundation of all the world's coastal cities, and widespread famine from crop failures caused by drought."

Optimal pressure of public opinion on the next US President and on other world powers in the UN and EU -- pressure for an adequate and timely response to the menace of warming and polar meltdown -- will be indispensable if we are to prevent a planetary disaster of unimaginable proportions.

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