9 april 2016

[4C Note: Today, a close friend sent us this (slightly edited) email, containing a summary of a talk by Jeremy Leggett on the transition to renewables and the decline of fossil fuels.]

[Here's] a 30-minute presentation by Jeremy Leggett given last February at a two-day FMO conference on capitalizing solar power:

He is a brilliant communicator, structuring his talk around "ten stories." His talking points are:

1. Policymakers are getting serious.

2. Civil society has awoken in critical mass.

3. Regulators are beginning to regulate.

4. Disruption is moving faster than most think.

5. Utilities are racing to escape a death spiral.

6. Divestment from incumbency has become a snowball.

7. Investor engagement with incumbency threatens most capex.

8. The shale boom is going bust.

9. The oil and gas industry will soon be in a death spiral too.

10. The legal system is fast becoming a driver for transition.

If you don't want to sit through the whole thing, you might want to fast forward to 16:20 where he states (not quite literally, but very close) "coal is dead." Today's news that the Dutch cabinet is looking more closely (but much too slowly) at closing Dutch coal plants is just one manifestation of this apparent inevitability, though there is still plenty of room for the green lobby to accelerate the process significantly.

Can you imagine a world in which US and Dutch politicians were able to communicate with their constituents about climate change and transition as articulately as Mr. Leggett?

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