16 june 2016

[4C Note: most of this article from Vox discusses Peabody's maltreatment of its workers. We quote only a paragraph on its climte misdemeanors.]

Peabody Energy bankruptcy filings reveal a company hostile to land, workers, truth

Vox, June 16, 2016

Peabody has funded climate denialist groups for years

The Guardian has been analyzing Peabody court documents and uncovered funding for a network of right-wing, pro–fossil fuel, and climate-denying organizations and politicians. A small sample from its investigation:

-- Among Peabody’s beneficiaries, the Center for the Study of Carbon Dioxide and Global Change has insisted – wrongly – that carbon emissions are not a threat but "the elixir of life" while the American Legislative Exchange Council is trying to overturn Environmental Protection Agency rules cutting emissions from power plants. Meanwhile, Americans for Prosperity campaigns against carbon pricing. The Oklahoma chapter was on the list.

-- Contrarian scientists such as Richard Lindzen and Willie Soon also feature on the bankruptcy list.

-- So does the Washington lobbyist and industry strategist Richard Berman, whose firm has launched a welter of front groups attacking the EPA rules.

Here’s more on Richard Berman, whose nickname, which he embraces, is "Dr. Evil." He’s notorious in Washington for channeling corporate money into deceptive PR campaigns in a way that can’t be traced. (Unless those corporate donors file for bankruptcy — d’oh!)

No one is particularly surprised that Peabody is contributing to pro–fossil fuel groups, but the breadth of the funding was a revelation. "We expected to see some denial money," Nick Surgey, director of research for the Center for Media and Democracy, told the Guardian, "but it looks like Peabody is the treasury for a very substantial part of the climate denial movement."


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