3 july 2016

Coal Baron Promises Huge Layoffs, Then Tells Workers To Vote Trump

Problem is, coal mining jobs aren’t coming back — even under President Trump.

Alexander C. Kaufman Senior Business Editor, The Huffington Post, July 3, 2016

Robert Murray, owner of the country’s largest private coal company, wasted no time pointing the finger when he announced plans earlier this week to lay off as many as 4,400 workers, or 80 percent of his workforce.

His St. Clairsville, Ohio-based Murray Energy Corporation needed to downsize “due to the ongoing destruction of the United States coal industry by President Barack Obama, and his supporters, and the increased utilization of natural gas to generate electricity,” he said.

“Frankly, I am frightened for you, my employees, and the survival of your jobs and family livelihoods,” Murray said in a speech to workers, according to The Wall Street Journal. Their only hope for their jobs, the 75-year-old said, lies in electing “friends of coal” like Donald Trump, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee.

That’s not true, of course — not least because the pink slips are set to go out in September, and the election won’t be held until November. But even a President Trump — whose seemingly half-baked plan to save coal would likely only boost its chief rival, natural gas — can’t stop the calamitous decline of the industry. For that, coal only really has itself to blame.


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