7 april 2017

Argentina - Following the floods, the Salesians initiate solidarity campaigns to assist the affected families

Agenzia Info Salesiana, 07 April 2017

(ANS - Buenos Aires) - As a result of climate change, Latin America is more and more affected by extreme weather. In some regions drought is affecting agriculture, in others torrential rains are causing death, destruction, and flooding. The rains that caused destruction in Peru have also hit Colombia, Chile and currently Argentina. Through a letter addressed to the President of the Episcopal Conference of Argentina, Pope Francis has expressed his spiritual closeness and sent his blessing.

The Pope wrote to Archbishop José María Arancedo of Santa Fe de la Vera Cruz: "I have received with sorrow the news of the serious damage that heavy rains have caused in several provinces in recent days... I wish to accompany you with my prayers and my encouragement to your fellow bishops, priests and faithful ... so that working together in a spirit of unity you may give witness of fraternal solidarity to all those affected."

The Domingo Savio Salesian House at Comodoro Rivadavia, which carries out educational and pastoral activities through a school, a technical centre and a parish, was not affected by the torrential rains, but many of the students and teachers have suffered the consequences of bad weather and in many cases they have had their homes flooded.

According to the 'Clarin' newspaper, "The city was devastated by a storm that began last week and has left 2,000 people homeless, while 1,300 people have had to move. Just when it seemed that the worst was over and reconstruction had begun, the water came back with great intensity, invading and destroying their homes.”

A significant number of volunteers is now helping the people most in need in Comodoro, "a city that needs to be rebuilt," said the mayor, Carlos Linares.

Bishop Fernando Martín Croxatto, Auxiliary Bishop of Comodoro Rivadavia, sent a message of gratitude to the faithful of the diocese, for the solidarity and sensitivity shown. "The collections of the Chrism Masses have been freely to those who have suffered damage, and materials have been purchased. Many lay people have supported the needy, reaching houses and people in places where no one else had reached. The important thing is to support people who are in difficulty and who have not yet been reached by the authorities," he said.

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