17 may 2017

[4C Note: The following article was sent to us by the Climate Action Network. As of 14:52 on the day it is said to be published, it was not yet on the Politico website.]

MEP report calls for higher renewable and energy efficiency targets

Kalina Oroschakoff, Politico – 17.05.17

The EU should hike its 2030 renewable and energy efficiency targets in order to meet the goals of the Paris climate agreement, according to a draft report issued today by two Green MEPs.

Claude Turmes, the rapporteur for the governance file on the industry and energy committee, and Michèle Rivasi, from the environment committee, want to increase the renewables target to 45 percent from 27 percent and the energy efficiency target to 40 percent from 30 percent.

The MEPs also want national binding green targets for 2030 to ensure countries hit the EU-wide goals, a move likely to provoke resistance from countries. Brussels refrained from proposing national targets in last year’s clean energy package. They also want countries to come up with long-term climate and energy strategies looking to 2050.

NGOs cheered the proposal. “The report is the first genuine attempt to translate the objectives of the Paris agreement into EU legislation,” said Wendel Trio of CAN Europe.

Fern, a forest NGO, meanwhile welcomed the introduction of a separate target for increasing Europe’s carbon sinks, including forests.

The draft report is up for discussion on June 21, with amendments due on June 27. A Parliament vote on the report is scheduled for October 23.

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