14 january 2019

[4C Note: This overview from The Guardian answers crucial questions about the technology that will probably be indispensable to a future renewables-based energy supply. Because it contains too many important graphs, we cannot reproduce this important piece here, and ask all interested readers to consult the original article. We provide below a list of its subheadings.]

Ion age: why the future will be battery powered

The variable nature of wind and solar power means storing energy is a huge part of the fight to mitigate climate change

by Adam Vaughan and Samuel Gibbs, The Guardian, January 14, 2019

Why have batteries become important?

How do batteries like this work?

So how many of these big batteries are there?

How do batteries fit in to the renewables revolution?

Will we all have big household batteries in the future?

What’s next for electric cars?

What about other modes of transport?

What is the environmental and social impact of making batteries?

What limits capacity and battery life?

What about phone batteries – why do they deteriorate as they get old?

What accelerates battery ageing?

What happens when things go wrong?

What next?

Will anything ever replace lithium?

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