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Cace, Ivana - Netherlands

Callinicos, Alex (Professor of European Studies, King's College London) - United Kingdom

Campos Diaz, Luis (Jefe de trafico y embarques) - Mexico
"Estoy de acuerdo en reducir transportacion no necesaria, principalmente de particulares y automoviles de modelos trasados, pero formentar vehiculos ecologicos"

Canaan, Joyce (Reader in Sociology) - United Kingdom

Carr, Dale (retired) - Netherlands

Carre, claire (teacher) - France

Carson, Tamara (Administrative assistant) - United States

Cary, Elizabeth (Cambridge University Graduate) - United Kingdom
"Trying to do all I can to help with the problems of global warming and climate change, both in Cambridge and elsewhere"

casillas, josé (entreprenur) - Mexico

Castle, David (Commissioning Editor, Pluto Press) - United Kingdom

Castro, José Esteban (Professor of Sociology, Newcastle University) - United Kingdom

Cándida Smith, Richard (professor of history) - United States

Córdoba, Luis (activista) - Uruguay
"NO a la Energia Nuclear"

Cerino, Caterina (Periodista) - Italy

Cerqueda, Christine - Philippines

Cersosimo, Anne (us/dutch citizen) - Netherlands

Cersosimo, Anne - Netherlands

Chamberlain, Richard (Consultant) - United States
"Please take all steps you can to stop climate change now.

Please cut Greenhouse Gas Emissions by 50% in the next 5 years.

Please plant 1 trillion trees on each continent.

All these actions need[...]"

Chan, Sander (Researcher, VU University Amsterdam/China University for Political Science and Law) - China

chandra, sudhir (historian) - India
"soon it will be too late"

Chartrand, Mora - United States
"I support this petition and ask that all world leaders take action to control greenhouse gas emissions immediately. We have damaged our world too much already and the time is NOW to take every measure[...]"

Chater, James (Editor) - Netherlands

chaudhary, anuj (student) - India

Chavez, Daniel (Political Scientist, Independent Researcher) - Uruguay

Chenier, Rebecca - Canada

Chenoy, Kamal (Professor, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi) - India

Chergui, Hinde (beleidsadviseur) - Netherlands

choudhary, rahul (NGO) - India
"We have been working for poor peoples development through RURAL DEVELOPMENT INSTITUTE (NGO) in Garoth (MP) India, since last Twenty years. "

Chugh, Swapnil - India

Chung, Heejung (Post-doc Researcher) - Netherlands

Cirillo, Robert - Netherlands

Clark, Lillian - United Kingdom

Clay, MaryKathryn (Student) - France

Coady, Amy - United States

Cobelens, Gertjan (Boekverkoper & vertaler) - Netherlands

Cohen, Charles (Professor) - United States

Collins, Elisa (Conservation Biologist/Entomologist) - United States

Collis, James (Climate Lobbyist) - Portugal

Combes, Cécile (Actress) - France

Coninck, Heleen de (Group manager International Energy and Climate issues, Unit Policy Studies, Energy research Centre of the Netherlands (ECN)) - Netherlands

Connelly, James (Professor of Politics) - United Kingdom

Connor, Ethan - United States

Contreras Hinojosa, Ricardo (Médico) - Mexico

Conway, Kathleen (Professor emeritus) - United States

Cooper, Tim (History Lecturer) - United Kingdom

Copado, Livier - Mexico

Copsey, Tan (Development Manager, - United Kingdom

Corbera, Eduard (Marketing Manager) - Spain

Corbera, Esteve - Spain

Corbera, Pau (manager) - Spain
"Managers in Europe are still not conscious about the problem. A lot to do!!"


Corbey, Dorette (europarlementarier) - Netherlands

Corradi, Juan (President South-North Development Initiative and Professor of Sociology, New York University) - United States

Corvi-Mora, Tommaso (Gallerist) - United Kingdom

Cramer, Michael (MEP) - Germany

Crawford, Guy - United Kingdom

Crawford, J.H. (publisher) - United States
"As former EU Environment Minister Stavros Dimas said in the foreword to my Carfree Design Manual, it's time to think outside the box and imagine deeply sustainable initiatives, such as carfree cities.[...]"

Crawford, J.H. (author) - Netherlands
"Let's hope that we are not already too late."

Cristello, Anne (retired) - Netherlands

Cuan Men Robledo, Alfonso (Medico) - Mexico
"Queremos dejar un mundo mejor para nuestros hijos y las siguentes generaciones"

Cuenca Franco, M Mercedes (Teacher) - United Kingdom

Cuppen, Eefje (Researcher, Institute for Environmental Studies, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam) - Netherlands

Cuppen, Frans (Penningmeester Vereniging voor ZonneKrachtCentrales) - Netherlands
" Er is (zonne)energie genoeg voor iedereen! (Zie en "Schoon fossiel", CO2-opslag en waterstof zijn gevaarlijke schijnoplossingen die "business as usual" in s[...]"

Cutler, Cynthia - United States