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d' Ancona, Hedy - Netherlands

Daggers, Ton (coordinator MOVILIZATION) - Netherlands
"growth can be in many ways but not without wishdom"

Dagoumas, Athanasios (Research Associate, University of cambridge) - United Kingdom
"Active citizens to pave the way for avoiding dangerous climate change..."

dale, gareth (senior lecturer, brunel uni) - United Kingdom

Dalkarl, Lis-Britt (Translator/ Information Professional) - Netherlands

Dalmeijer, Marco (Student) - Netherlands
"Tijdens een reis naar het meest zuidelijkste punt van Argentinie zag ik het voor het eerst. Gletsjers smelten en polen zullen volgen. Laten we wijs zijn en zulke mooie en belangrijke natuurverschijnse[...]"

Damen, Maayke Aimée (VN Jongerenvertegenwoordiger Duurzame Ontwikkeling) - Netherlands

Danen, René (Director, Keer Het Tij) - Netherlands

dankelman, Irene (lecturer/consultant) - Netherlands

daoutsali, eleni (chemie MSc) - Germany

Darby, Sarah (Research Fellow, Energy) - United Kingdom

Dauwe, Charles (Prof.) - Belgium

Davidson, Daniel (System Analyst) - United States
"Global warming is the greatest danger to the future of our existence on Earth."

Davis, Natalie Zemon (emerita in history, Princeton University) - United States

Davis, S. Carole - Canada
"Our Canadian government is in denial about our future. It is intent on making as much money now, without any concern for the future of the earth. I hope an organization like this will have some good e[...]"

Dawkins, Ruth (Stop Climate Chaos Scotland Co-Ordinator) - United Kingdom

De Cauter, Lieven (philosopher) - Belgium

De Vriese, Frederik (SA IT analyst) - Spain

Debets, José (therapist) - Netherlands

Dekker, Rudolf (Historicus) - Netherlands

Dekker, Stefan (Assistant professor Environmental Sciences) - Netherlands

Dekkers, Lieke - Netherlands

Delft, Anne van (storyteller) - Netherlands

Delft, Radboud van (manager) - Netherlands
"Time for action now!"

Delil, Ad (Advanced Aerospace Thermal Control Systems Consultant) - Netherlands
"Invest a substantial percentage of military investments in CSP (Concentrating Solar Power) and start right now."

Dempster, William (Director of Engineering, Biospheric Design, Inc.) - United States
"Those who deny climate change or its catastrophic consequences steal the future from today's youth and future generations. Wake up and see what is happening !"

Desai, Aditi (Environmentalist, Sociologist) - India
"We must act now, individually and collectively. Governments must be made accountable. It may be too little too late and spell doom for all."

Desai, Manali (Sociologist, LSE) - United Kingdom

stephandesmet (teacher) - Belgium

stephandesmet (teacher) - Belgium
"Let's act now! Governments, stop talking; act!"

Dewandeleer, Sonia - Belgium

dieperink, carel (assistant professor environmental policy) - Netherlands

Diez Leiva, Mª Isabel (researcher) - Spain

Dirven, Jan - Netherlands

dobrovolny, walter - United States

Docter, Klaas (Ships surveyor) - Netherlands
"Invest 1% of Global GDP in Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) - start right now"

Doctorow, E.L. - United States

dominiqueli, magali (PROFESSORA) - Brazil

dommele, rik van (director) - Netherlands

Donders, Stella - Netherlands

Doorman, Maarten (Professor of Criticism, Media Studies, University of Amsterdam) - Netherlands

Doorninck, Dami van (-) - Netherlands

Dopper, Manon (student) - Netherlands

Dorstewitz, Philipp (lecturer) - Netherlands

Dovali, Claudia - Mexico
"Help the planet, I want to live"

Dove, Fiona (Director TNI) - Netherlands

Dowd, Mark (Journalist) - United Kingdom

Drenthen, Martin (Assistant Professor of Philosophy) - Netherlands

Dresen, Leen (Lecturer at University) - Netherlands
"This is important, please act!"

Driesenaar, Freek (Informatieanalyst) - Netherlands
"Waarschijnlijk zal de wal het schip keren, maar wie weet kunnen we zo de koers verleggen; niet geschoten is altijd mis."

Du Boff, Richard (Professor of Economics, retired) - United States

du Marchie Voorthuysen, Evert van (Directeur Stichting GEZEN (Grootschalige Exploitatie van Zonne-ENergie)) - Netherlands
"Invest 1% of global GDP in concentrating solar power - start right now!"

Duarte, Suzanne (writer, professor) - United States
"Let us make some sacrifices for future generations for a change. Let's start with the outdated industrial growth paradigm, for Earth's sake!"

DuCarme, Donna (Theatermaker, Community Activist) - Netherlands

Duckett, Jane (University Professor) - United Kingdom

Duijn, Marijtje van (Associate Professor of Statistics, University of Groningen) - Netherlands

Duijn, Roel van (raadslid Amsterdam Oud-Zuid (GroenLinks)) - Netherlands

René vander Duim (University lecturer) - Netherlands

Duineveld, martien (directeur) - Netherlands

Dumont, Elinor (Retired) - United States

Duncan, Colleen - Canada

DuPuis, Melanie - United States

Dupuy, Alex (Professor of Sociology, Wesleyan University) - United States

Durante, Frank - United States

Duyvendak, Jan Willem (Professor of Sociology) - Netherlands

Dvoretzky, VLADIMIR (journalist) - Bulgaria