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fahima, shoshanna - Israel

Fain, Séverine (Artist) - Netherlands

Falasca Zamponi, Simonetta (Professor) - United States

farthing, sean (environmentalist) - United Kingdom

Fassotte-Harmsen, Loes (promovendus) - Netherlands

fauchille, louisianne - France

Feffer, John (Co-director, Foreign Policy In Focus) - United States

Fellman, Gordon (Professor of Sociology) - United States
"Superb initiative. Thanks!"

Ferguson, Eric T. (Energy consultant) - Netherlands

Feria, Marco - Mexico

Fernandes, Carlos (arte-educador) - Brazil
"Já é chegada a hora de um diálogo franco e aberto qque permita a sociedade civíl manifestar-se frente as novas perspectivas de futuro"

Fernandes, Perpetua Saby (Exec. Asst.) - India
"Save Energy, Save Earth Save LIFE"

Field, Simon (Transport Planner) - United Kingdom
"Action must be taken now, especially with regard to emissions from road transport."

Firet, Arja (AIO + vakspecialist (Digital) Humanities Universiteit Utrecht) - Netherlands

Flacks, Richard (professor of sociology) - United States

Flipo, Fabrice (Researcher) - France

Fok, Lauren (Concerned human being) - South Africa

Folch, Albert - Spain

Fontijn, Jan (writer) - Netherlands

Ford, Judy (PhD Researcher and Activist) - Netherlands
"The science is clear; citizens want action; and solutions are available. Where are the courageous, committed political souls to just make it happen? "

Foreman, FIEE, Dr. Peter (Environmentallist) - United Kingdom
"The sun has all the power required to produce the world's energy. Let's urgently start using it and saving valuable resources for future generations."

Foreman, FIEE, Dr. Peter (Retired) - United Kingdom
"This is the same as with the threat of nuclear war and needs governments to take it as seriously. Scientists want to reduce emissions to drop back to 350 ppm and argue 450 are too dangerous."

Formisano, Ron (retired prof.) - United States

Foster, John Bellamy (Professor, Sociology, University of Oregon) - United States

Fowler, Bridget (Professor of Sociology) - United Kingdom
"I concur with others in thinking this issue is the most serious one facing the world's goverments at present, hand in hand with the dangerous insecurity posed by the holding and renewal of nuclear wea[...]"

Fowler, Bridget (Emeritus Professor of Sociology) - United Kingdom
"Sociologists have long studied the impact of the industrial revolution. Every society is entitled to their own version of this, but we now have to realise also the culminating global consequences for [...]"

Foxon, Tim (Academic Fellow) - United Kingdom

franco, david - Mexico

franken, riet (ethicus) - Netherlands

Frankenhuis, Maarten Theodoor (Retired director Amsterdam Zoo) - Netherlands
"Great initiative, but most important: direct the main effort on the US president and administration."

Freed, Janet (Chaplain) - United States

Freund, Veronique - France

Freyberg-Inan, Annette (Political Scientist) - Netherlands