List of signatures

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Gajac, Isabelle (Professor) - France

García, Rafael (Advertiser) - Mexico

GARCIA, ERNEST (sociologist) - Spain

Garvelink, Emil (inventor) - Netherlands
"Price mechanisms w'ont work in time, but high CO2-tax will."

Gasper, Des (Associate Professor of Public Policy, International Institute of Social Studies of Erasmus University Rotterdam) - Netherlands

Gaudet, Ronald (Retired Engineer, Shell Oil) - United States
"Please implement the necessary changes to environmental processes to minimize and eventually correct adverse climate conditions."

Gaytan, Karen (Mother) - United States

Geense, Marian (civil engineer) - Netherlands
""Invest 1% of Global GDP in Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) - start right now!""

Gelber, Gerald (psychoanalyst) - United States

Genova, Louis - United States

George, Clive (Senior Research Fellow, University of Manchester) - United Kingdom

George, Susan (TNI Fellow) - France

Geraci, Joseph (Rare Book Dealer. Author.) - Netherlands

Gesù, Roberta (Student) - Italy

Gieles, Carien (docent muziek) - Netherlands
"voor onze kinderen en hun kinderen enz."

Gillie, Mary - United Kingdom

Gills, Barry (Professor of Global Politics) - United Kingdom
"Combating Global Climate change is the single most important issue in global politics today and one which has the potential to threaten human security and welfare in the most serious manner in the fut[...]"

Goethals, Ruben (IT) - Belgium

Gogol, Sheila (teacher) - Netherlands
"I hope it is not too late ..."

Goldfrank, Walter (Prof of Sociology & LALS) - United States

Goldson, Barry (Professor) - United Kingdom

Goldstein, Jan (Norman and Edna Freehling Professor of History, University of Chicago) - United States

Gomes, Cristina - Netherlands

gonzalez, LESLIE - United States

GONZALEZ, Martha (Real State) - Mexico
"I agree."

Gonzalez, Paulo (Industrial) - Mexico

gonzález, Rosa - Mexico

good, carol (retired) - United States

Gool, Vincent van - Netherlands

Gottstein, Magaret (Environmentalist) - Israel
"Nothing is more serious than to stop and reverse global warming. It is already affecting the whole world."

Gouda, Frances (Professor of History) - Netherlands

Goudberg, Albert (jurist) - Netherlands

Goudzwaard, Bob (emeritus Professor of Cultural Philosophy, Vrije Universiteit) - Netherlands
"Sterkte! Binnenkort komt parallel hieraan de "Verklaring van Tilburg" uit."

Gourgouris, Stathis (Professor of Comparative Literature, Columbia University) - United States

Graaf, Sjoukje de (receptioniste) - Netherlands

Graeber, David (anthropologist) - United Kingdom

Grandia, Liza (Assistant Professor, Clark University) - United States

Grant, Victoria (Scientist) - United Kingdom

Größler, Andreas (Associate Professor) - Netherlands

Green, Charles (Music Educator) - Netherlands
"It's time to take off the blinders and take out the ear plugs and hear and see what's going on !!!!This problem concerns us all"

Green, Laure - United States
"I am in full support."

Greenbaum, Allan - Canada

greenes, stacy

Grilli, sofia (student) - Italy

Grim, John (Professor) - United States
"With my wife, Professor Mary Evelyn Tucker, we work to bring about an ecological civilization that attends to the interdependence of life by linking action regarding climate change to knowledge in the[...]"

gritz, nevenka (artiste) - France
"let's be careful about the climate changes and also STOP WARS IN THE WORLD"

groen, coen (bedrijfsingenieur Rijksuniversiteit Groningen) - Netherlands
"Invest 1% of Global GDP in Concentrating Solar Power (CSP). Start right now!!"

Groen, Maurits (Milieu & Communicatie, BV) - Netherlands

Groot, Anja de (Secretaresse) - Netherlands

Groot, Eelco de (program officer) - Netherlands

groot, gea - Netherlands

Groot, Mirjam de (scientist) - Netherlands

Guha, Sudeshna (Lecturer of South Asian History, Cambridge) - United Kingdom

Guimarães, João (Senior Lecturer in Local and Regional Development, Institute of Social Studies in The Hague) - Netherlands

Guin, Subir (self-employed business person) - Canada
"Anyone who denies humankind is the most destructive creature on this planet, is simply unaware of the extent of damage we are collectively inflicting on our shared planet. Educating our friends, nei[...]"

Guinee, Jeroen (Senior environmental researcher) - Netherlands

Gulick, John (Research Associate, Institute for Research on World-Systems) - United States

gutierrez, michelle (business woman) - Mexico
"Any help? I will be more than happy to support your petition in any way."

Gwynne, Edna - United Kingdom