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Haan, Sietse de (leraar) - Netherlands

Hack, John (Strategic Planner retired) - United Kingdom

Hackett, Frances (Mother) - Ireland
"Fast and Effective Political Action is needed NOW to limit the use of fossil fuels!!!"

hacking, john (studentchaplain) - Netherlands

Haerkens, Sylvia (policy officer) - Netherlands

Hafkamp, Wim (Wetenschappelijk Directeur, Nicis Institute) - Netherlands

Hager, Lawrence C. (historian) - United States

hamann, bert (voorzitter Ver. vanZonneKracht Centrales) - Netherlands

hamann, bert (voorzitter vzkc) - Netherlands
"Ga over op zon- en windenergie nu het nog kan..."

Hammerschlag, Roel (Scientist, Stockholm Environment Institute) - United States

Hancock, Lynn (Lecturer) - United Kingdom

Hankins, Richard (Engineer) - United Kingdom

Hardewijn, Ragna (campaigner) - Netherlands

Harding, David (Retired) - United Kingdom
"Invest 1% of Global GDP in Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) - start right now! And start to make a difference!"

Harrison, Gwen - United Kingdom

harrison, keith - United States
"Dear Secretary General: Please pay close attention to this petition as it comes backed with thousands of concerned citizens who are convinced that urgent International action is need to halt the globa[...]"

Harroun, Leslie (Partners for a New Economy) - United States

Haverman, Alvani (verpleegkundige) - Netherlands

Hayes, Cherri - United States

Hayes, Graeme - United Kingdom

Hazeldine, Gary (University Lecturer) - United Kingdom

Hedemann-Robinson, Martin (Senior Lecturer in European Law) - United Kingdom
"I support the petition and urge states to redouble efforts to address climate change immediately with a view to meeting the Bali roadmap and implementing all measures necessary to react effectively to[...]"

Hees, annemarie van - Netherlands

Heetebrij, jan (Managing partner HBD) - Netherlands
"Elk initiatief dat bij kan dragen om tot actie over te gaan verdient steun"

Heidemann, Erik (Uitgever) - Netherlands

A. vander Heiden - Netherlands

C.E.H. vander Heiden (Office Manager) - Netherlands

Heijden, Hein-Anton van der (Political Science Department, University of Amsterdam) - Netherlands

Laurens vander Heijden (historian) - Netherlands

Niek vander Heijden - Netherlands

Heijungs, Reinout (Assistant professor) - Netherlands

Heilbron, Johan (Professor Easmus University Rotterdam) - Netherlands

Heimovaara, Timo (Associate Professer Geo-environmental Engineering, Delft University of Technology) - Netherlands

Heinz, Annelise - United States

Hekma, gert (lecturer, University of Amsterdam) - Netherlands

Hellendoorn, Guido - Netherlands

hellendoorn, myrtille (socioloog) - Netherlands

Helmig, Arja (Persvoorlichter) - Netherlands

Helmsing, Bert (Professor ISS/EUR) - Netherlands

Henke, Christopher (University Professor) - United States
"Please act now to address climate change."

Henry, Ykeda - Netherlands

Herkelrath, Maria - Netherlands

Hernandez Barberena, Erika Leticia (Arte-educadora) - Mexico

Herzenberg, Leonore (Professor) - United States

Herzenberg, Prof. Len (Professor, Stanford Medical School) - United States
"There is no question that we must stop global warming now or facecatastrophic climate changes soon"

Hessels, Laurens (AIO) - Netherlands

Heteren, Godelieve van (former MP Dutch Parliament, Director of Cordaid) - Netherlands

Heuer, Jennifer (Professor of History--University of Massachusetts Amherst) - United States

Hijmans, Maarten Jan (journalist) - Netherlands

Hilberdink, Titus (Lecturer) - United Kingdom

Hinojosa, Leonith (Researcher) - United Kingdom
"Fair climate-change policies permanently need to take into account that those who are more harmed with environmental damage, as well as with slowing-down growth, are poor people and poor nations."

Hintjens, Helen (Senior Lecturer in Development and Social Justice) - Netherlands
"To sign this petition is the very least we can do. Thanks for initiating it. "

Hissink, Gerrit (vrijwilliger) - Netherlands

Hobbes, M. (Knowledge Officer, HIVOS) - Netherlands

Hodgkinson, Anne - Netherlands

Hoedeman, Olivier (Researcher/Campaigner at Corporate Europe Observatory (CEO)) - Netherlands

nora vander hoeven (forestcampaigner) - Netherlands

Hoffer, Maaike - Netherlands

Hoffman, Lane (Development Sociologist) - Netherlands

Hoffmann, Christa (Manager) - Mexico
"Congratulations! "

Hoffmann, Johanna (Management Consultant) - Canada

Hollier, Ann (Business consultant) - United States

Hollier, Piper RW (Tech. writer & environ. journalist) - Netherlands
"We need to somehow escalate the growing sense of public concern into a tangible sense of urgency and concrete action propelled by the realization that we have only a short time to make dramatic change[...]"

Holloway, John (Teacher) - United Kingdom
"The government should stop succumbing to corporate lobbying and propaganda and act now ."

Holmes, Tim - United Kingdom

Hommel, Guido (Offshore windenergy licensing employee) - Netherlands
"We all need to change are habits, civilians their daily consumer lives, the industry their profit-planet balance, governments their policies to accomodate and encourage this!"

Honselaar, Wim (professor) - Netherlands

Hood, Ian (worker) - United Kingdom

hooge, margriet de (rondvaartschipper) - Netherlands

Hoogenboom, Quintijn (docent computertoepassingen) - Netherlands

Hoogendijk, Willem (milieu-educator) - Netherlands

Hoogland, Carolien (Senior Researcher) - Netherlands
"Not that I think these people have any real power - otherwise they would have taken care of this a few years ago. But since it doesn't hurt..."

Hookes, David (Senior Research Fellow) - United Kingdom
"Increasing (Capitalist) consumption is an infantile disorder. How to tackle infantilism? and How can developing countries grow their economies without using fossil fuel? Relatively Easy to answer seco[...]"

Trudy vander Hoop (geen) - Netherlands
"Investeer in CSP (Concentrated Solar Power)."

Horwin, Diane (Retired)
"Please save the Planet, for my GrandChildren and Your GrandChildren. What a pity and shame on us if we the Adults didn't try for their sake to stop Global Warming."

Houttuin, Ybo - Netherlands

Howard, Jeff (Asst. Professor) - United States


Huffaker, Kirk (historic preservation) - United States

Huijbrechts, Paul (Manager IT) - Netherlands

Hunold, Christian (Professor) - United States

Huppes, Gjalt (Head department Industrial Ecology) - Netherlands
"Not just setting goals, but setting up adequate policies, which need more than cap and trade, and different from cap and trade."

Hyams, Keith (Lecturer in Political Theory, University of Exeter) - United Kingdom