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Jacobs, Lily (Lid Europees Parlement) - Netherlands

Jacobs, Maarten (Assistant Professor Human Dimensions of Natural Resources, Wageningen University) - Netherlands

Jaggard, Lyn - United Kingdom

Jain, Jambu Kumar (Social Worker - RDYTI - N G O - Kota - India) - India
" Yes I fully support to control greenhouse gas emissions. Jambu Kumar Jain ,Convener - RDYTI - 1 K22 , Dadabari Kota 324009 , Rajasthan , India"

Jakoboski, Jean - United States
"There are options to slow down climate warming that are good for our well-being now! Let's make it a priority."

Jansen, Jan V. (Retired) - Netherlands
"Invest 1% of Global GDP in Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) - start right now! "

jansen, stefan (student) - Netherlands
"good initiative!"

Jansen, Wicher (M.D.) - Netherlands
"Start investing 1% of global GDP in Concentrating Solar Power NOW."

Janssen, Maria (kunstenaar) - Netherlands

Janssen, Ursula (pastoraal werker) - Netherlands

Jas, Michael (Translator) - Netherlands

Jay, Mairi (Senior Lecturer, Environmental Planning(retired)) - New Zealand
"The latest estimates of CO2 emissions by the IEA are a cause for deep concern. They suggest that without a drastic reduction of fossil-fuel based energy, the planet is on track for an average temperat[...]"

Jay, Martin (Professor of History) - United States

Jenkins, Katie (Research Assisant/Student) - United Kingdom

Jenner, Helen - United Kingdom

Jenner, Peter - United Kingdom

Jense, Sven (filmmaker) - Netherlands
"The climate change problem might very well be solvable; mainly by shifting our energy regime from fossil to renewable, and changing meat production practices. Because of the inherent power that the ec[...]"

Jepma, Lutske (Beleidsadviseur) - Netherlands

Jessurun d'Oliveira, Hans Ulrich (emeritus professor of law and former chairman, interfaculty group for environmental sciences, University of Amsterdam) - Netherlands
"Hoewel ik al een tijdje uit het actief beoefenen van het milieurecht en actiewezen ben gestapt gaat mij het voortbestaan van mensen op aarde nog wel degelijk aan het hart."


Johnson, Kay (Concerned citizen) - United States
"The need to address global warming is urgent!! "

Jones, Thomas (journalisst) - United Kingdom

jong, David de (business analyst) - Netherlands

Jongerius, Vincent (Student) - Netherlands

Jorgenson, Andrew (Environmental Sociologist) - United States

Joris, Willem (Academic staff) - Belgium

joshi, chitra (teacher) - India

jouhourian, france - France

Journet, Alan (Retired university professor (ecology, conservation biology, science methods)) - United States
"As a retired ecologist, it is my judgment that no issue confornting humanity is more important that addressing climate change. If it is not too late, which we have to assume to make any effort worthwh[...]"

Juffermans, Jan (Policy development officer Eco-centre De Kleine Aarde) - Netherlands
"We help to reduce the Dutch global footprint from 4,4 gha to about 1,8 gha, so including a drastic reduction of our climate footprint."

Junginger, Martin (Asisstant Professor) - Netherlands