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la Rive Box, Louk de (Professor of International Cooperation) - Netherlands

laaman, tracy - Australia

laan, margreet (laanadvies) - Netherlands

Labrie, Arnold (professor Cultural History) - Netherlands

LaCapra, Dominick (Professor of History) - United States
"I stongly agree with the effort to control greenhouse gas emissions."

Lagendijk, Arnoud (University Teacher) - Netherlands

Lajosi-Moore, Krisztina (Assistant Professor, University of Amsterdam) - Netherlands

Lammes, Sybille (Assistant Professor Media and Culture Studies, Utrecht University (UU)) - Netherlands

LaMontagne, Wayne (Scientist) - United States

LaMontagne, Wayne (Educator) - United States

landau, saul (writer) - United States
"fellow of transnational institute"

Lang, Graeme (Professor of Sociology, City University of Hong Kong) - Hong Kong

lange, bram de (Sales Consultant) - Netherlands

Lant, Antonia (Professor) - United States

Laocharoenwong, Jiraporn (Sociologist) - Thailand

LARDET, Pierre (Scientific Research) - France

Lash, Andre (citizen) - United States
"I regret to say that the present administration of my own country is one of the main problems in this issue. Please know that there are MANY (in the millions) of us American citizens who do NOT agree [...]"

laufer, leopold (physician) - United States
"Any political goal short of achieving planetary CO2 levels at 320 to 350 ppm within the next 20-25 years is unacceptable and not in accord with the current scientific data."

Laumann, Arthur (bachelor of communication) - Netherlands

Laurijssen, Ilse (sociologist - researcher) - Belgium

Lausas, Tellu (Service Desk Greenpeace) - Netherlands

Löwensteyn, Machteld (Historian of Visual Culture) - Netherlands

Leemans, Rik (Professor of Environmental Sciences, Wageningen University) - Netherlands

Leendertse, Roel - Netherlands

Leenhoff, Jan Willem van (environmentalist) - Netherlands
"Stop climate change!"

Leerssen, Joep (Professor of European Studies) - Netherlands

Leerssen, Patrick James (PhD Candidate, University of Amsterdam) - Netherlands

henk vander leest (beleidsadviseur) - Netherlands
"Invest 1% of Global GDP in Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) – start right now!"

Lemert, Charles (Andrus Professor of Sociology, Wesleyan University) - United States
"Thanks for doing this"

lente, dick van (university teacher) - Netherlands

Lentin, Alana (Senior Lecturer, Sociology) - United Kingdom

Leonard, Liam (Editor - Ireland
"Signed in support of controlling greenhouse gas emissions"

Lerho, Luciana (Student) - Germany

Lerner, Ruth (Doctor) - United States

Leroux, Benoît (Web tailor / - France

Leroux, Christophe (Professor) - France

Lewis, Bethan - United Kingdom

Lewis, George (Reader in American History) - United Kingdom

Lewis, lionel (emeritus professor) - United States
"An excellent idea."

Liao, Wenjie (PhD researcher) - Netherlands
"Ignorance of the risks we face as well as indifference to the well-being of future generations are evil."

Lidarti, Gabriella - Italy

Liebregts, Peter (Professor of Literatures in English, Leiden University) - Netherlands

Liefferink, Duncan (senior researcher environmental policy) - Netherlands

Liem, G.I. (econoom) - Netherlands

Lier, Arno van (Boekhouder) - Netherlands
"Responsible people for the wellbeing of our planet, give the next generations a fair chance.PLEASE, WAKE UP AND CUT THE CRAP !!!"

Liger, Adrien (Citoyen du monde) - France

Ligthart, Jan (heavily concerned citizen of earth) - Netherlands
"politicians, start action now, stop talking now, many viable technologies exist, invest e.g. in 'concentrating solar power' in Sahara."

Ligthert, Steven (Student) - Netherlands

Limoli, Roberta - United States

Lennart vander Linde - Netherlands

Martijn vander Linden (Coordinator Platform DSE) - Netherlands

Lint, Maja de - Netherlands

Linton, April (Assistant Professor of Sociology) - United States

Lipietz, Alain (Member of European Parliament) - France

Litfin, Karen (Professor, Political Science) - United States

Little, Oisin ( - United Kingdom

Lohbeck, madelon (student) - Netherlands
"I am concerned, this is something that needs strong action urgently, from all levels, also -especially- from supragovernemental level!"

Louw, Greet (secretary) - Belgium

Lovely, Carolyn (Nurse) - United Kingdom

Loy, David (Professor) - United States
"Immediate action is urgently needed!"

lozada, hernando (Promotor Cultural) - Mexico
"Importantisimo detener el deterioro de nuestro planeta."

Lubbers, simone (project manager communication) - Netherlands

Lucas, Andrew - United States

Lucas, Caroline (MEP) - United Kingdom

Luijtelaer, Jeroen van (Developer concentrating solar power) - Netherlands

Luttervelt, Peter van (board member Global Action Plan Int) - Netherlands
"empower each other for sustainable behavior change"