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M, Bea - United States

Ma, Paule (cuentista) - Belgium
"la vida esta hecha de retos. Enfrentemolos."

Maanen, Rob van (zelfstandig ondernemer) - Netherlands
"wat zou het mooi zijn als we de koers konden verleggen en de aarde liefdevol gingen bejegenen"

Maarten, Romijn (gepensioneerd) - Netherlands
"Invest 1% of Global G.D.P in Concentrating Solar Power (CSP)- start right now."

Maas, Frank (teacher) - Netherlands

Macfadyen, Amyan (Retired Professor of Biology) - United Kingdom
"Immediate action to reverse climate change is essential. This implies a reversal of economic growth and major changes of lifestyle for all of us. "

MacPherson, James - Canada

Maeckelbergh, Marianne (Lecturer) - Netherlands

majic, marta (yogaleerares) - Netherlands

Mak, Geert (writer and historian) - Netherlands

Makhija, Kiran - India

Malbranche, Isabelle (Restaurant owner in Moorea) - French Polynesia
"It is a right for the people to know the truth based on all scenarios - best and worst !!! And our actions should be based on the worst case scenario !! If we fail, what are we going to say to our chi[...]"

Malenka, Steve (Alive) - Netherlands
"Do something to keep mother earth in tact and change the way GREED runs our cultures!"

Malkin, Alison (Concerned Citizen) - United States

mallory, mike - United States

Mancuso, Maria Aurora (studentessa) - Italy

Mann, Angele (Fondsenwerver) - Netherlands

Markerink, Karin (student) - Netherlands

Markwick, Roger (Senior lecturer, History, University of Newcastle) - Australia

Marliere, Philippe (Senior Lecturer in French & European politics) - United Kingdom

Marres, Noortje (Academic) - Netherlands

Martell, Luke (University Teacher) - United Kingdom

Martens, Karel (Universitair Docent) - Netherlands

Martens, Theadora (Financial Projects Officer) - Australia
"Get moving and do something - "


Martinez-Alier, Joan (Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, Member of the Scientific Committee, European Environment Agency, Past-President, International Society for Ecological Economics) - Spain

Martinez-Esteve, Alejandro (Architect) - United States
"I unequivocally support this petition."

Martinez-Esteve, Melissa - United States

marttinez, luisana (secretaria) - Venezuela
"de veradad estoy de acuerdo, debemos hacer algo, por favorecer a la tierra a beneficio de nosotros."

Martz, Laura (editor) - United States

Marwijk, Ramona van (Assistant Professor Socio Spatial Analysis, Wageningen University) - Netherlands

Mastrocola, Alessandro - Italy

Mattsen, John (Ordinary person who is capable of doing truly extraordinary things.) - United States

Mayers, David (professor of History, Boston Univ.) - United States

Maze, Hildy (Artist) - United States

Möller, Emil (promotie-onderzoeker terzake) - Netherlands

Mügge, Daniel - Netherlands

McBain, Bonnie (Scientist) - Australia

McCain, Christy (Professor of Ecology, University of Colorado at Boulder) - United States

McCroskey, Lenora (University professor) - United States
"Education is the key to understanding. It is important that you address climate change as well as warming. Many people believe, because some areas are colder, that we are just going through a normal[...]"

McDevitt-Pugh, Martha (Founder and Chair, Love Exiles Foundation) - Netherlands

McDonald, Kevin (Professor and Marie Curie International Fellow) - United Kingdom

McKibben, Bill (scholar in residence in environmental studies, Middlebury College) - United States
"We should link this up with in as many ways as possible."

McNamara, Katherine (author and editor) - United States

McQuarrie, Michael (Assistant Professor of Sociology, University of California, Davis) - United States

Medeiros, Susan (administrative assistant) - Netherlands

Meerkerk, Bart van (energie expert en bestuurslid van stichting Peakoil Nederland) - Netherlands
"Zet serieus in op de verdere eenwording van de Europese elektriciteitsmarkt en de grootschalige exploitatie van windenergie (met name ook offshore) en Concentrating Solar Power vanuit Noord-Afrika."

Meerman, Joost (Self Employed) - Netherlands

Meijer, Edwin (Consultant) - Netherlands
"Invest 1% of Global GDP in Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) - start right now!""

Meissner, Dieter (University Professor) - Estonia

Mejía Vieyra, José Alberto (Ambientalista 2012) - Mexico
"Alto a la masacre de nuestro planeta, alto ahora o pasaremos a la historia como una humanidad inconsciente que se autodestruyo."

Melis, Yvette (strategisch marketeer) - Netherlands

Mendes-Flohr, Paul (historian of ideas) - Israel

Mercer, Annette (Concerned citizen, clean energy researcher (2oc) and general activist) - United Kingdom
"Like many people I'm desperately worried at the slow speed of response to the threats facing us and the continued efforts of climate change deniers and other vested interests and further hindering our[...]"

Mertes, Tom (Bicyclist) - United States

Metz, Dr Paul E. (voorzitter e5 - European Business Council for Sustainable Energy) - Netherlands
"Een verwijzing naar Peak Oil, die de paniekerige omschakeling naar steenkool versnelt, mag niet ontbreken. "

Meucci, Sandra (Citizen) - United States

Debbie vander Meulen (HR Consultant) - Netherlands
"Invest 1% of Global GDP in Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) - start right now"

meulenveld, frits - Netherlands

Meulenveld-de Koning, Joke - Denmark
"goed initiatief"

Meyer, Aubrey (Director, Global Commons Initiative) - United Kingdom

Meyer, G.M. (therapist) - Netherlands
"Deze kwestie is hoogst urgent!"

Michiels Kessenich, Liduine van (vertaalster) - Netherlands

Miguel y Carvallo, Arturo (Health Practitioner) - Mexico

Mills, Hannah (Concerned Citizen) - Canada
"I am terrified for our future, and don't want to look back with shame at the apathy of our human race. I am only 18 years old, and trying to figure out the most constructive way that I can change thin[...]"

Mills, Melinda (Professor) - Netherlands

Miner, Dorothy - United States

Minnesma, Marjan (Directeur) - Netherlands

Mion, Giacomo (Architect) - Italy

Miralles, Emeterio (Jubilado) - Suriname

Miralles, Ivonne (Pharmacist) - Spain

Mitchell, Sue (Teacher (retired) and webmistress.) - United Kingdom
"Educate the young. It is their world and their lives that are threatened. Educate the parents. It is their children's world and their children's lives that are threatened. Do we really want a dying[...]"

Mitzman, Arthur (Emeritus professor of history) - Netherlands

Mitzman, Jonathan (Software Engineer) - United States

Mombers, Ben (zelfstandig) - Austria
"Invest 1% of global GDP inConcentrating Solar Power (CSP) - start right now !"

Monro, John (General Practitioner) - New Zealand
"What is there to say? We only have one planet, one home, one refuge. And we are treating our beautiful bounteous home like a rubbish bin. Even the meanest creature knows not to foul his own nest. We s[...]"

Montague, Peter (editor and writer) - United States
"To stop global warming, stop coal. To stop coal, stop carbon capture and storage. "

Moore, Gene (Associate Professor emeritus) - Netherlands

Moore, Karen (Research Associate, Chronic Poverty Research Centre) - United Kingdom

Moors, Dr. E.H.M. (Departement Innovatie en Milieuwetenschappen, Universiteit Utrecht) - Netherlands

Mora Aira, Josefa (History Teacher/ and Writer) - Venezuela
"La corresponsabilidad es un compromiso compartido con todo lo que nos rodea. Es deber de la raza humana, cuidar lo que se nos dio, para preservarlo, disfrutarlo y poder heredarlo a futuras generacion[...]"

Mora, Diego (green consultant) - Colombia

Morales, Patricia (Project Coordinator at UNESCO Chair on Building Sustainable Peace) - Belgium

Moreels, Sarah (doctoraatsbursaal) - Belgium

Moreno, Alvaro (Researcher) - Netherlands

Moss, Chris (Computer scientist) - United Kingdom

Mottier, Veronique (Director of Studies, Jesus College, Cambridge) - United Kingdom

Moussally, Jean-Pierre (Ingénieur) - France

Muñoz, Luis Manuel (Astrólogo) - Mexico
"Es importante tomar conciencia de todo esto."

Mucciolo, Antonio - Italy

Mukherji, Nirmalangshu (University Teacher) - India

Muller, Theo (retired) - Netherlands
"Invest 1% of Global GDP in Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) and start right now!"

Muller, Theo Albert (pensionado) - Netherlands
"Ik heb alle redenen er niet meer in te geloven, maar toch volhouden!"

Mungiardi Hackett, Shawnagh (student) - Ireland

Murray, Douglas (Co-Director, Center for Fair and Alternative Trade Studies, Colorado State University) - United States

Mutsaers, Charlotte (novelist) - Netherlands

myers, stans (zelfstandig ondernemer) - Netherlands

Mythen, Gabriel (University Lecturer) - United Kingdom