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O'Brien, Jeffrey (Actor) - Canada
"Our planet is too important and precious to delay action. Governments must take affirmative action towards restrictions and sanctions on their citizens and force proactivity, change and education."

O'Rourke, Dara (Professor, University of California, Berkeley) - United States

Obach, Brian (Professor of Sociology, SUNY New Paltz) - United States

Ochoa, Gilberto - Mexico

Offe, Claus (sociologist) - Germany

Oktem, Sevinc Figen (engineer) - Turkey

Okyay, Ali (Assist. Prof) - Turkey

oldrid, samantha - United States

Oliver, Christopher - United States

oloughlin, patrick - Spain

Olson, Ronald Gene (world citizen) - Brazil

omer, yael - Israel

Oosten, Jan van (retired) - Netherlands
"Give our children what they deserve. A perfect climate on earth."

Oosterhuis, Harry (Lecturer) - Netherlands

Oosterhuis, Huub (priester/dichter) - Netherlands

opschoor, hans (j.b.) (emeritus professor of environmental economics) - Netherlands

Oren, Ram (Professor) - United States

Orr, David (Environmental Studies, Oberlin College) - United States

Orr, Linda (Professor of French, Emeritus) - United States
"Good work. I hope you can expand it beyond the EU."

Osborn, Jeremy (Co-coordinator, - United States

Otten, Annemarieke (Utrecht University) - Netherlands

Outhwaite, William (Professor of Sociology) - United Kingdom

Ouwehand, Joop (Hogeschooldocent/onderzoeker) - Netherlands

ouwejan, hans (directeur CIP) - Netherlands
"My greatest solution is: Invest 1 % of global GDP in Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) and start right now! "

Overbeek, Maria (Initiator MO-ArTs/Kunst en Kennis) - Netherlands
"Invest 1 % of Global GDP in Concentrating Solar Power (CSP)-start right now !"

Oxford, Mariska - Netherlands

oyen, cynthia (manager) - Netherlands

Ozaktas, Haldun (Professor) - Turkey

Ozdamar, Seckin (PhD researcher) - Netherlands