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Padilla, Lawrence A.

Pahissa, Marta (Environmental worker) - Spain

Pajek, Bozena (stichting gezen sympathisant) - Netherlands

Palgrave, Robert (Engineer) - United Kingdom

Pandey, Jayanti - India

Panourgia, Neni (Professor of Anthropology, Columbia University) - United States

Pater, Florrie de (climate researcher) - Netherlands

Pater, Norman (new economy businessman) - Australia

Pattipeilohy, Peter (video producer) - Netherlands

Pauli, Carl (Student) - Belgium

Pauli, Laurenz-Frederik (Student) - Belgium

Paulle, Bowen (Assist Prof Sociology, Univ of Amsterdam) - Netherlands
"Time for bold action. Doing nothing is no option. As Al Gore said, we must hear the call of our future children, and we must have real leadership now. "

Pavlopoulos, Dimitris (Assistant Professor, Faculty of Social Sciences, Free University of Amsterdam) - Netherlands

Pearne, Sally (Psychologist) - United States
"If we do not act to care for our earth we will lose the opportunity and future to care for ourselves and one another."

Peeters, Eva - Belgium

Pellegrini, Lorenzo (University Lecturer) - Netherlands

Pellow, David - United States

Pendarvis, Richard (Professor of Chemistry) - United States
"As a scientist (Ph.D. chemistry) I get tired of politicians telling me what scientists think. I think this is an urgent matter. It may already be too late to do anything in time."

Penninkhof, Dick (predikant) - Netherlands

Peper, Bram (assistent professor) - Netherlands

Perlstein, James N. (Executive Counci, Profesional Staff Congress, American Federation of Teachers Local #2334) - United States
"Function for identification purposes only"

perlzweig, naomi (teacher, writer) - Netherlands
"I'm grateful for any serious initative taken on this most vital issue."

Perrin, Andrew (Associate Professor of Sociology) - United States

Perrot, Michelle (Prof.emeritus University of Paris.) - France
"Je signe la p├ętition."

Peters, Ruud (professor) - Netherlands

Petre, Dragos (Management Accountant) - Netherlands

Pettifor, Ann (Director, Operation Noah) - United Kingdom

Phillips, Derek (Emeritus Professor of Sociology, University of Amsterdam) - Netherlands

Phillips, Kimberly - United States

Picard, Delphine (Teacher) - France

Pieters, Veerle (student UvA) - Netherlands

Plasencia, Rosa (Teacher) - Mexico
"I am convinced that if we join our efforts and voices, we'll be heard. I hope so and act in consequence. Thank you for your concern"

Ploem, Rachel (Program Manager) - Netherlands

Podjed, Debra (musician) - United States
"Every action -- big or small -- will help."

Pol, Dehert (regisseur) - Belgium

Polenberg, Richard (Noll Professor of History, Cornell Univ) - United States

Pollack, Rachel (citizen) - United States

Pon, David (Head of Department of Sustainability) - Spain

Ponsetti, Anthea - United States
"I feel strongly about this issue. I live in Florida where every day I am reminded of the problems we face with global warming. Hurricanes, lowest on record levels of water in Lake Okeechobbe, continue[...]"

Ponsetti, Anthea - United States
"We want you to declare your commitment to a real, drastic and internationally concerted effort to control greenhouse gas emissions!! Not by nuclear, "clean" coals ooff shore drilling but by sound prac[...]"

Poorter, Lourens (University staff member) - Netherlands

Postmes, Ton
"We moeten de 2-3 % van de oceaan met ijzer bemesten zeewier groei oogsten en naar de bodem van de oceaan laten zinken.Als we dat nalaten zijn we schuldig."

Potman, Ingrid (Care of mentally handicapped persons) - Netherlands
"I agree totaly with this petition! I am really concerned about our living circumstances in the near future!"

Potts, Donna - United States

Price, Adam (Attorney) - United States

Price, Gary (Legal Consultant) - Netherlands
"Vital and necessary movement."

Price, Rebecca - United States

Prins, Bregje - Netherlands

Prins, Frances (zelfstandige) - Netherlands

Prins, Frances - Netherlands

Prins, Jeroen (IT consultant) - Netherlands
"Good luck with your plan."

Pronk, Anne-Marie (redacteur) - Netherlands
"In het vrije rijke gedeelte van de aarde doorgaan op de oude voet, is met alles wat we weten, de grootst mogelijke daad van decadentie."

Pronk, Gera (Informaticus) - Netherlands

Pronk, Jan (Chairman, IKV (Interchurch Peace Council)) - Netherlands

Pseaume, Yanide (Purchasing Manager) - France

Jan vander Putten (directeur Eyes on China) - Netherlands