List of signatures

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Rader, Bodhi (Student) - United States

Radice, Louisa (meteorologist) - United Kingdom

Radings, Matt - Australia

Raijmakers, Marco (Citizen, Inventor.) - Netherlands
"Do it now, there is no choice"

Raj, Anasuya (Student) - France

Raj, Arjoun (Student) - France

Raj, Kapil (Professor - History of science) - France

Raj, Rama (Research physicist) - France

Raman J, Sri (Journalism) - India

Rameckers, Sjoerd - Netherlands
""Invest 1% of Global GDP in Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) - start right now!""

Randeraad, Nico (Lecturer in history) - Netherlands

Raudszus, Henriette (student) - Netherlands

RAUF, Farhan (Public Health Coordinator) - Pakistan

Ravensbergen, Margreet (Intensive Care Nurse) - Netherlands

Raza, Noman - Pakistan

Razoux Schultz, Louis (pensioned agriculturist) - Netherlands
"The gradual disappearance of a habitat, either by warming up of the earth or directly by human activities, endangers not only the existence of the polar bear or the orangutan, but the whole network of[...]"

Reader, Keith (Professor) - United Kingdom

Reedijk, Joost (DGA) - Netherlands

Reeker, Jacqueline (manager) - Netherlands

Reep, Ton van de (Klimaatcampagne Hillegom) - Netherlands

Regout, C.N.L.M. - Netherlands

Reijnders, Lucas (professor of environmental science) - Netherlands

Reijners, Petra (Programma Verantwoordelijke Cordaid) - Netherlands

REIMERS, Traute (Controlling) - Mexico
"It would be great to get the whole world to do something, including the nations who believe they are powerful; they should set the example to do good things for once."

Reinarman, Craig (Professor of Sociology) - United States

Reinders, Casper (Club owner) - Netherlands

Reinders, M - Netherlands

reitsma, elies (onderwijzeres) - Netherlands

Rendón, Gerardo - United States

Resurreccion, Bernadette (Associate Professor) - Thailand

Riedl, Markus - Austria

riele, harry te (consultant) - Netherlands

Rigney, Ann (academic) - Netherlands

Rijk, Mirjam de (Director, Stichting Natuur en Milieu) - Netherlands

Rijk, Peer de (Director, World Information Service on Energy) - Netherlands
"Mooi initiatief. Ik zit ook actief in CoolClimate, synergie/afstemming zeer wenselijk."

rijzinga, eltjo - Netherlands

Rijzinga, Ton (Gepensioneerd) - Netherlands
"Investeer flink in Concentrating Solar Power(CSP). Investeer ook in de betrekkingen met de Noordafrikaanse Midellandse-Zee-landen. Enthousiasmeer allochtone landgenoten die afkomstig zijn uit Noordafr[...]"

Rivera, Amalia (Ingeniero Mécanico) - Mexico
"Cuidemos el futuro de nuestros hijos"

Robbe, Geertje (Team Assistent) - Netherlands

robert, william (-) - France

ROBERTS, Lissa (historian of science and technology) - Netherlands

Robinson, Geoffrey (Professor of History) - United States

Robinson, Mike (Chair Stop Climate Chaos Scotland) - United Kingdom

robinson, paul (professor) - United States

Roehm, Michael - United States

Roelfsema, Steven (sound engineer/software developer) - Netherlands
"The technology for Concentrating Solar Power is readily available and has been since 1912! No excuses: read about it on We have no excuse to wait with investing in CSP and (intercontinen[...]"

roest, wouter (gepens.) - Netherlands

Rombaut, Jeroen (Translator) - Belgium

Rootes, Christopher (Professor of Environmental Politics, University of Kent) - United Kingdom

Rosa, Eugene (Professor) - United States
"We must not delay as delay introduces far greater uncertainty and vulnerability."

Roscam Abbing, Michiel (ondernemer/onderzoeker) - Netherlands
"support CSP and the transition from oil to electrical driven means of transport, and combine the two"

Rosen, Richard (Tellus Institute) - United States

Rosenthal, Rob (Professor of Sociology) - United States

Rosner, Leora (Netwerk Groene Daken) - Netherlands
"My motto: If we don't start planting we are fighting only half the battle! Besides lowering emissions we must begin planting to lower the emissions already in the atmosphere! We must plant all flat ro[...]"

Ross, Andrew (New York University) - United States

Rotmans, Jan (Professor in transitions and transition management, Drift, Erasmus University Rotterdam) - Netherlands

Rouffignac, Ann de (former professor economics University of St. Thomas Houston) - United States
"One more petition can only help. "

Rouwette, Etiënne - Netherlands

Rowlands, Alison (Senior Lecturer in History, University of Essex) - United Kingdom

Rowley, ross and coleen - United States

Rubin, Gail (Concerned Citizen) - United States
"Please make this commitment a top priority."

Rubin, Steven (editor) - United States

Rucht, Dieter (Professor of Sociology) - Germany

Rudnick Luft, Sandra (Professor) - United States

Ruitenberg, Olga - Netherlands

Ruiz-Slater, Marina (Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, student, Kutzari (leatherback turtle conservation in México)) - Mexico

Runhaar, Hens (Universitair docent Milieuwetenschappen) - Netherlands

Rutter, Maria (Translator) - United States

Ruwhof, Peter (ICT manager) - Netherlands