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Tandan, Karishma - India

Tanzer, Michael - United States

Tas, Sanderijn (lerares) - Israel
"I want to be part of this very important petition. Let's not forget to think of what each and everyone of us can do by making our ecological footprint smaller. Recycle as much as you can!"

Taylor, Jim (Teacher) - Canada

Tayo, doris (Activist) - Nigeria
"i just hope something can be done soon and those in power will listen to the voice of reason"

Törnqvist, Egil (Prof.emer. Scandinavian studies, Universiteit van Amsterdam) - Netherlands

Tend, Pim van (Milieudefensie) - Netherlands

horst, helmi ter - Netherlands

Steege, Albert ter (Huisman) - Netherlands
"ik zie CSP niet alleen als een oplossing voor het klimaat probleem, maar nog meer als een oplossing voor het energy probleem. Niemand wil in de kou of warmte zitten, en thermische energie (CSP) is het[...]"

Terlouw, Jan (Author, Physicist, Former politician) - Netherlands

Terpstra, Mandy - Netherlands

Teule, Rianne - Netherlands

Teuling, Ike (Greenpeace, campagneleider kernenergie) - Netherlands

Tewksbury, Joshua (Associate Professor) - United States

Thich, TriHoang (Abbot) - United States

Thijssen, Joris (Project leider) - Netherlands

THOMAS, ANNIE (Teacher) - India

Thomas, Lesley (ecological writer) - United States

Thompson, Elizabeth (Climate Solutions Program Manager, Ecology Action) - United States
"The need for massive, immediate reductions in greenhouse gas emissions cannot be overstated. I urge our leaders to act with unprecedented courage, integrity and focus in a whole-country, whole-world e[...]"

Thompson, Lilia (student) - Bulgaria

tihova, marina - Bulgaria

Timmerman, Henk (CEO) - Netherlands

Tinga, Kees (Secretary, project group Church and Environment for the Council of Churches) - Netherlands

Tjebbes, Anne - Netherlands

Toelch, Ulf (Researcher) - Netherlands

toktamis, kumru (Assistant Professor of Sociology) - United States

Tongeren, Liesbeth van (Director Greenpeace Netherlands) - Netherlands

Toor, Ingrid van (PA) - Netherlands
"I support this initiative"

Topper, Manja (actress) - Netherlands

Tornqvist, Torbjorn (Associate Professor, Earth and Environmental Sciences, Tulane University, New Orleans) - United States

Torres Sánchez, Myriam Elisa (Teacher) - India
"Trying to help on my own way. Just tell me what else can I do."

toth, ingrid (concerned citizen) - Netherlands
"my gallows humor is wearing thin, time to act..."

Traina, Francesca - Italy

Troup, Doug - United Kingdom

truong, thanh-dam (academic) - Netherlands
"great! full support"

Tubman, Stephanie (Student (Geology)) - United States
"Dear world leader,

The time has come not only for individual action and responsibility but also for serious government policy regarding climate change. We cannot mitigate climate change without stau[...]"

Tucker, Mary Evelyn (Professor, Yale University) - United States

Turkenburg, Wim (Professor, Copernicus Institute, University of Utrecht) - Netherlands

Turmes, Claude (MEP) - Luxembourg

Tyers, Roger - United Kingdom

Tyler, Imogen (Lecturer in Sociology) - United Kingdom